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This is the cover of the first chapter of a revamped Ink Slingers! The old pages were done with Prismacolor markers, and are still available on my deviantART account (which you can get to from my profile here), but considering this whole comic is supposed to be a learning/experiment for me, there're some changes this time around.

First of all, the pages will mostly be in pencil (for the shading I'd like to do), and colored with color pencil and bottled ink. I'll likely use other mediums, but for now I'm going to lay off the marker and start anew with softer colors.

Unfortunately, as I type this my internet has been down for a week and I'm mooching off a friend to do this post. And on Saturday I'm leaving for a week to attend chef camp in Miami...But then I'm back! And, as promised, I'll post twice weekly until I run out of pages. That should take like....two months, if I don't make any more and just use the buffer.

I'm rambling, but I'm pressed for time here... See you later!

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