June 2nd, 2010, 9:52 pm


Hayyyy everyone. c: It's been nearly two weeks again, but I promise there'll be an update tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's a pencil one. Y'see, after reading back through the archives, I've decided that, for the sake of story flow, I'm going to redraw the comic. Some plot devices will change. Narrative style will be more consistent. Art will be a tad more consistent. And if all goes well, the pacing of the story will be much better.

But don't despair! Though I'll be redrawing pages from the very beginning, I'm still going to upload pages-- but even more infrequently than I do now (seeing as the story will change a bit) and only penciled ones. Once I've redrawn a sufficient number of pages (could be anywhere from 10 to 25) I'll delete all the pages here-- though they'll still be available on my deviantART account-- and put up the new pages. Hooray!

Also OMG RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL FLSJFSLDJFLS. There's one this weekend and I'm going batshit crazy over making my costume. C8

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